The Importance Of Agriculture

Agriculture has been associated primarily with the production of food crops for a long time. Today, it has become more inclusive since mushroom farming, bee keeping, fruit cultivation, dairy farming, forestry, etc. are now part of agriculture. Marketing, processing, and distribution of livestock products and crops are also acknowledged as part of agriculture.

Agriculture plays an important role in the economies of many countries especially developing and less developed nations. Agriculture is the backbone of such economies. Agriculture also plays a role though not a major one in the economy of developed nations. Agriculture provides raw materials, food, and employment opportunities to many people and industries all over the world.

Why is agriculture important?

Employment Opportunities

Agriculture is a source of income for a huge percentage of the global population especially in the developing nations. In such economies, agriculture employs as much as 70 percent of the population. Agriculture provides employment to such a large portion of the population in such countries because of the lack of development of non-agricultural activities. In developed countries most people don’t rely on agriculture as a source of employment.

Food Security

A stable agricultural sector in any country guarantees food security. Food security is critical to the success of any nation. Food security eliminates malnourishment, which has been traditionally believed to be one of the key problems that developing countries face. Food security is also the first step towards the development of a country.

Economic Development

Agriculture provides employment to a huge number of people globally, which contributes to economic development. Once a huge portion of the population is employed, the national income level rises and the standard of living improves. The rapid pace of development in the agricultural sector provides increased motivation for development and progressive outlook, which eventually contributes to the economic development.


Source of Raw Materials

Agriculture is a valuable source of raw materials used in various industry including tobacco, sugar, jute fabric, cotton, cocoa, etc. In addition, many other industries such as rice husking, and processing of vegetables and fruits also obtain their raw materials primarily from agriculture.

Foreign Exchange Earnings

Agricultural products such as coffee, tea, sugar, cocoa, spices, etc. constitute the major export items for countries that depend on agriculture. The smooth development of the agricultural sector translates to a reduction in imports and a considerable increase in exports. This in turn translates to improved balance of payment and helps those economies earn foreign exchange. The foreign exchange earned can be used to import other essential raw materials, machinery, inputs, and other critical infrastructure for the support of the economic development of countries.

Final Thoughts

Agriculture might have been primarily used for the production of essential food crops in the past but the situation is very different. The term agriculture has grown to become more inclusive to highlight its significance to the overall global economy.

Agriculture is now one of the largest employers in many countries and many countries depend on it to sustain their economies.


Tips for Successful E-Commerce

Setting up an e-commerce website gives you wonderful opportunities to harness the power of the online realm and increase the reach of your products.

According to the latest statistics, 51 percent of US buyers prefer to shop online. Of all Americans, 96 percent of the people questioned in a BigCommerce survey report that they’ve bought a product online at least once in their lifetime. Of all millennials, 67 percent prefer to shop online rather than visit an actual store.

These numbers are convincing but what does it take to carry out a successful e-commerce campaign? There are a few essential rules to follow for the development of the right website.

Focus on the User Experience

One thing to keep in mind is that today’s consumer is highly impatient. If you can’t offer a quick and convenient experience, they’ll move on to another opportunity.

Refrain from rushing the launch of your e-commerce business. Focus on making the website simple, functional and easy to use on any device. Test everything prior to the launch. Even better – hire professionals to do the testing for you. This way, you’ll make sure that all the functionalities are impeccable and that no bugs interfere with the performance.

Customer Service is Still Vitally Important

While the e-commerce platform plays an important role in setting up a successful business, you still have the human element in the form of customer service.

Make sure that your team is easy to reach and qualified to address the inquiries/problems online shoppers face. If you manage to respond to questions in a quick and adequate manner, chances are that you’ll get to grow your customer base quickly.

Also, remember to deliver on your promises. If you announce a discount, you better give your website visitors a discount. Misleading them may work a few times but in the end, you’ll lose many of your website visitors and potential customers.


Focus on Social Media

Even if you have the perfect e-commerce portal in place, you will not be successful without advertising.

Social media give you all of the tools needed to increase the reach of your business without spending a large sum of money on the process. Social integration starts with the development of your website. It should also include a viable marketing strategy.

Create communities that focus on your brand and use social channels to communicate with your audience. You’ll receive tons of valuable feedback that can be used to improve customer service.

Analyze Results

The world of e-commerce is highly dynamic rather than static. An approach that delivers initial results may not necessarily be the best one in a few years.

Look at website analytics information and examine social media statistics, as well. These numbers will give you a good idea about the demographic characteristics of your audience, the amount of time they spend exploring your website and your most popular products. All of your decisions should be based on the right metrics.

Learn which matters matter the most for the performance of your e-commerce business and track those consistently.


All About How to Be Successful Within the Career of Business Management

In this article, we will talk about a couple of business management skills that could get you well on your way to running a lucrative and highly successful business. What we will talk about is how business management can help you to develop strategies and procedures to help guide your business towards the goals you have set for yourself. Whether you have a degree in business management or you are learning business management skills such as budgeting, goal setting, and hiring professional for your staff, these will get you on the way to running a successful business. There are many career opportunities in the business management field, and these business management career opportunities vary as well as their necessary requirements. With an associate’s degree, you may qualify for an HR (Human Resources)position or other administrative specialist careers, as an example.

An expectation you have for managing a business will be to see solid growth in the industries you’re managing. In this profession, responsibilities will be to supervise staff, analyze data, and plan businesses operations. Business managers complete a large portion of the organization of data and the formulation of strategies to reach their goals. It’s important to sharpen your skills continuously and what we mean here is that you should be willing to take various business management courses even after you’ve completed your primary education. This will help you to make stronger decisions and develop new skills to help you obtain the goals you set for your business.

One of the most important things to keep in mind in the business management profession is to make a to-do list in order to organize the steps you must take to reach the goals you have set for yourself and your establishment. Another very important step is to prioritize value over volume. If you’re producing a mass amount of volume at poor value then you’re not really going anywhere. Research has shown that multitasking results in lower quality outcomes. It’s important to put your full attention into those important goals that you have set and to always work through them thoroughly to see the results that you are craving for your business.

In conclusion, whether you own a business and manage it on your own or you are planning on getting a business management degree and want to venture into this field, these are some important factors that can go into helping you be successful in this career choice. In today’s economy, it is a dog eat dog world, you must be able to analyze data, and use this data accordingly to manage your business. If the topic of business management interests you and you would like to learn some more about this career we suggest venturing online and completing a little more research to better your understanding of this topic. There is a vast amount of information that could help you be successful in your business management ventures. Good luck with your business!


Business and Career Counseling

Curious About Career Counseling?

No one really wants to work a job. Certainly, many people have jobs. One has to, if one wants to be financially independent and fend for themselves in this economy. But no one wants to simply work a job. Rather, people would much rather be able to have a career.

Of course, not everyone knows how to get a career.

Is it just a job that you do for a long time?

Is it something more?

And perhaps most importantly, what can you do to help you get the career you want?

The answer is career counseling.

Before getting into how career counseling can help you, it helps to know what the difference between a job and a career actually is.

A career isn’t just a job you do for a long time. It’s not even necessarily a job that you can advance in. It’s more specifically a job that allows you a path to continued employment over your life, and is able to grow and change as your own life grows and changes.

That sounds a bit complicated, but it’s easier than you might think. For example, many people consider fast food jobs a potential career, since you can go from simple employee to manager with a bit of hard work and dedication. However, while it’s true that some people do manage to make a career in fast food, the real truth is that fast food isn’t a very good career. Why? Because the advancement is somewhat laughable, and while you could go from an employee to a manager, it’s incredibly unlikely that you’d go from a store manager to any kind of higher position in the business.

Meanwhile, many people might consider something like an accountant to be a good career. It’s possible that it could be. After all, being an accountant gives you access to new and interesting aspects of the financial sector. It can certainly allow for some solid cost of living wage increases. From that standpoint, it could be a very good career.

However, it may also be just a job if you approach it from the standpoint that it’s a good way to make money while you figure out what else to do with your life. It doesn’t need to be a career, and for many people, it isn’t. So it’s important to understand that just because something can be a career, doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be.

How Can Career Counseling Help?

So then comes the important question. Namely, what can career counseling do for you? What good is paying for a career counselor when you may not even know what you want to do?

Yet that is precisely why you should get career counseling. A trained career counselor will do more than simply help set you up with an employment center. What they do is actually designed to help you figure out what kind of career you have the skills for.

If you fear you don’t have any skills for a career, don’t worry. The dedicated career counselor can take a full assessment of your skills, talents, and interests, and figure things out based on that. Even if you don’t currently have the skills to start with the career that’s best suited for you, a good career counselor can help you find out how to get those skills, and more importantly, precisely what skills you need.

Or, to put it another way, career counselors help you get set on the right path, no matter where you currently are. So if you want to ditch the job and get an actual career, consider getting career counseling. It could be the best thing you ever did.