The Goal Behind Corporate Accountability

The way in which you can best define corporate accountability would be as the ability of those who a corporation has affected to hold said corporation to account for those operations.

What this concept demands is that fundamental changes to the legal framework that the company operates in to be made.




What these may include is placing social and environmental duties on directors to complement duties that currently exist on financial matters as well as legal rights for the local community who have suffered due to the directors not upholding these duties, seek due compensation.

‘Held to Account’

As opposed to urging companies to give account of their own free will on their activities and the impacts they cause to improve the social and environmental performance┬┤s that they are providing, it is the belief of the ‘movement’ of corporate accountability that corporation should be ‘held to account’ – what this implies is enforceable action. This position is one that is more radical than that of the corporate social responsibility (CSR) advocates.

NGOs and local stakeholders the world over have for years now fought countless campaigns over specific issues against certain companies. There have even been times in which firms have been brought court. Under the US Alien Tort Claims Act (ATCA) many popular cases have arisen, this statue sends compensation for ecological debts or environmental liabilities that have been left behind by companies.

Green Consumerism

Thousands of shoppers have been persuaded by consumer campaigns to purchase fair trade, recycled paper, and organic bananas, chocolate, coffee, and teas, food that is GM-free, timber that the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) has certified as sustainable, and so much more. What this is known as is Green Consumerism. From the perspective of corporate accountability, voluntary CSR and Green Consumerism place their focus on the individual company which is oftentimes located in the North and the consumer and ignore those social and environmental justice issues for communities which are oftentimes located in the South.

The question that is often asked here is whether or not it is right for the governments of the north to place the onus on corporate and individual voluntarism, while they sit back and do nothing for the indigenous communities which are pushed off of their own land and as rain forests are cleared for the production of cheap oil or gas, bauxite, or palm oil for the consumers in the North.

Social and Environmental Justice

NGOs believe that social and environmental justice is something that people are serious about, then surely the time has come for the mainstreaming of common social and environmental performance standards. The way that this would be done would be via changes taking place in the legal framework which would allow for people to hold corporations accountable for their social and environmental wrongdoing.



What the emerging corporate agenda includes is proposals for institutional mechanisms to be established which would hold corporations accountable, as opposed to merely urge companies to report voluntarily or to improve standards. What is promoted by corporate accountability initiatives are independent monitoring, complaints procedures, compliance with both national and international law as well as other standards that have been agreed upon, reporting that is mandatory and of course redress for malpractice.


Great Tips On How To Get Your Cleaning Business To Grow

In nearly every business that you can imagine there is a need to market in order to replace customers that leave and grow the business for the future.

In a lot of cases, if you aren’t growing, you’re considered a failure in business.

There are thousands of different ways to expand a business, let’s look at how to get your cleaning company to grow.

In Most Businesses, Word Of Mouth Is The Strongest Seller

Assuming you already have a base of solid clients for your cleaning company, the best way to grow is to always do an outstanding job and constantly ask for referrals to help you add customers. Your best customers will always want to help you succeed so they can continue to use your great service and there’s always a chance you can help them do the same.


Of course, the easiest way to expand your cleaning business is to get more customers right next to the ones that you already have. That makes your expansion more cost effective because you don’t have far to travel between cleaning jobs. This should give you an advantage over competitors as well since they may be coming from a longer distance and will have to charge more. Make sure all of the canvassing you do is backed up well with letters of recommendation, referrals, licenses and insurance documents so that the managers you talk to know you’re a solid company in good standing.

Take Some Time To Investigate The Needs Of The Customers

In most all businesses there are needs that aren’t being satisfied and if you know what they are you can make that part of your sales pitch when you approach them. Take some time to visit some of your competitor’s customers to find out what needs aren’t being met or disappointments their customers have in order to hone in on their weaknesses. One huge problem in the nighttime cleaning industry is theft from the businesses that they’re cleaning. If the employees of your competitors are stealing, even if it’s only small items, then they’re most likely doing it at all the businesses they contract for.


You can possibly visit them all and bring up theft in a part of your presentation the emphasizes it and how you combat it and prevent it so that the manager of the company knows you care. That would be the same with any type of problem that the competition has, maybe they don’t clean bathrooms well, or don’t dust the plants, you never know until you take the time to investigate then visit the companies and tell them what you’d do differently.

If You’re Not The Best Salesperson, Hire One


Some business owners are great salesmen while others are better managers or engineers. Not everyone is a bookkeeper either and it’s nothing to be ashamed of, however, if you aren’t a professional in a certain field, hire it done. The same goes with your plan to grow your cleaning company. You can hire a salesman and have him go to every local business and leave flyers, business cards, estimates for cleaning their business, or even offer trial discounts to get more clients. Once you have them using you, then you have to perform well and make the sale, but at least you have your foot in the door of opportunity.

Expanding your cleaning business is something that takes work but if you’re dedicated and your company is doing a great job it shouldn’t be that hard. Make a plan, talk to your current customers, talk to your client’s neighbors, and hire a professional salesman to get your company to grow like you need it to.


All About How to Be Successful Within the Career of Business Management

In this article, we will talk about a couple of business management skills that could get you well on your way to running a lucrative and highly successful business. What we will talk about is how business management can help you to develop strategies and procedures to help guide your business towards the goals you have set for yourself. Whether you have a degree in business management or you are learning business management skills such as budgeting, goal setting, and hiring professional for your staff, these will get you on the way to running a successful business. There are many career opportunities in the business management field, and these business management career opportunities vary as well as their necessary requirements. With an associate’s degree, you may qualify for an HR (Human Resources)position or other administrative specialist careers, as an example.

An expectation you have for managing a business will be to see solid growth in the industries you’re managing. In this profession, responsibilities will be to supervise staff, analyze data, and plan businesses operations. Business managers complete a large portion of the organization of data and the formulation of strategies to reach their goals. It’s important to sharpen your skills continuously and what we mean here is that you should be willing to take various business management courses even after you’ve completed your primary education. This will help you to make stronger decisions and develop new skills to help you obtain the goals you set for your business.

One of the most important things to keep in mind in the business management profession is to make a to-do list in order to organize the steps you must take to reach the goals you have set for yourself and your establishment. Another very important step is to prioritize value over volume. If you’re producing a mass amount of volume at poor value then you’re not really going anywhere. Research has shown that multitasking results in lower quality outcomes. It’s important to put your full attention into those important goals that you have set and to always work through them thoroughly to see the results that you are craving for your business.

In conclusion, whether you own a business and manage it on your own or you are planning on getting a business management degree and want to venture into this field, these are some important factors that can go into helping you be successful in this career choice. In today’s economy, it is a dog eat dog world, you must be able to analyze data, and use this data accordingly to manage your business. If the topic of business management interests you and you would like to learn some more about this career we suggest venturing online and completing a little more research to better your understanding of this topic. There is a vast amount of information that could help you be successful in your business management ventures. Good luck with your business!


Business and Career Counseling

Curious About Career Counseling?

No one really wants to work a job. Certainly, many people have jobs. One has to, if one wants to be financially independent and fend for themselves in this economy. But no one wants to simply work a job. Rather, people would much rather be able to have a career.

Of course, not everyone knows how to get a career.

Is it just a job that you do for a long time?

Is it something more?

And perhaps most importantly, what can you do to help you get the career you want?

The answer is career counseling.

Before getting into how career counseling can help you, it helps to know what the difference between a job and a career actually is.

A career isn’t just a job you do for a long time. It’s not even necessarily a job that you can advance in. It’s more specifically a job that allows you a path to continued employment over your life, and is able to grow and change as your own life grows and changes.

That sounds a bit complicated, but it’s easier than you might think. For example, many people consider fast food jobs a potential career, since you can go from simple employee to manager with a bit of hard work and dedication. However, while it’s true that some people do manage to make a career in fast food, the real truth is that fast food isn’t a very good career. Why? Because the advancement is somewhat laughable, and while you could go from an employee to a manager, it’s incredibly unlikely that you’d go from a store manager to any kind of higher position in the business.

Meanwhile, many people might consider something like an accountant to be a good career. It’s possible that it could be. After all, being an accountant gives you access to new and interesting aspects of the financial sector. It can certainly allow for some solid cost of living wage increases. From that standpoint, it could be a very good career.

However, it may also be just a job if you approach it from the standpoint that it’s a good way to make money while you figure out what else to do with your life. It doesn’t need to be a career, and for many people, it isn’t. So it’s important to understand that just because something can be a career, doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be.

How Can Career Counseling Help?

So then comes the important question. Namely, what can career counseling do for you? What good is paying for a career counselor when you may not even know what you want to do?

Yet that is precisely why you should get career counseling. A trained career counselor will do more than simply help set you up with an employment center. What they do is actually designed to help you figure out what kind of career you have the skills for.

If you fear you don’t have any skills for a career, don’t worry. The dedicated career counselor can take a full assessment of your skills, talents, and interests, and figure things out based on that. Even if you don’t currently have the skills to start with the career that’s best suited for you, a good career counselor can help you find out how to get those skills, and more importantly, precisely what skills you need.

Or, to put it another way, career counselors help you get set on the right path, no matter where you currently are. So if you want to ditch the job and get an actual career, consider getting career counseling. It could be the best thing you ever did.