China Proposes Limits on Phone Usage for Minors


China Cyberspace Administration has proposed new measures to restrict the amount of time children and teenagers can spend on mobile phones and apps in an effort to tackle internet addiction and promote “good morality” and “socialist values” among minors. The proposal, currently open for public discussion, suggests implementing a “minor mode” on devices and apps that could restriction each day display screen time to a most of hours, various primarily based totally on age groups.

Details of the Proposed Measures

Under the proposed rules, children under eight would be allowed 40 minutes of phone usage per day, those between eight and 16 would get an hour, and teenagers between 16 and 18 would have a two-hour limit. Additionally, minors below 18 could be not able to get entry to display among 10 p.m. and six a.m. The minor mode would automatically close online applications when the time limits are reached, and age-appropriate content would be provided.

The idea additionally encourages cellular net provider carriers to create content material that aligns with “middle socialist values” and fosters a feel of countrywide community. Parents could have the capacity to override time restrictions, and sure academic and emergency offerings could be exempt from the time limits.

Background and Rationale

The regulation is aimed at addressing concerns over “internet addiction” among minors, with studies linking excessive screen time to issues such as myopia and other health problems. The proposal aims to promote healthier and more positive content consumption, especially for young users.

Public Response and Impact

Parents have expressed tentative support for the proposal, noting that it could help protect their children’s eyesight and allow for better control of screen time. However, the effectiveness of the measures might depend on parents’ willingness to adhere to them. The suggestion may also gift demanding situations for tech companies, which could be chargeable for implementing the regulations.

Broader Context

This move aligns with China’s ongoing efforts to regulate and control various aspects of the digital realm, including internet content and the behavior of tech companies. The country’s large internet user base, especially among young people, has prompted the government to take steps to ensure the responsible use of technology.


China proposed measures to limit phone usage for minors reflect the government’s broader efforts to address concerns about excessive screen time and promote healthier digital habits among young people. The effectiveness of these measures will likely depend on parental cooperation, and their implementation could have implications for tech companies operating in China.