Great Tips On How To Get Your Cleaning Business To Grow

In nearly every business that you can imagine there is a need to market in order to replace customers that leave and grow the business for the future.

In a lot of cases, if you aren’t growing, you’re considered a failure in business.

There are thousands of different ways to expand a business, let’s look at how to get your cleaning company to grow.

In Most Businesses, Word Of Mouth Is The Strongest Seller

Assuming you already have a base of solid clients for your cleaning company, the best way to grow is to always do an outstanding job and constantly ask for referrals to help you add customers. Your best customers will always want to help you succeed so they can continue to use your great service and there’s always a chance you can help them do the same.


Of course, the easiest way to expand your cleaning business is to get more customers right next to the ones that you already have. That makes your expansion more cost effective because you don’t have far to travel between cleaning jobs. This should give you an advantage over competitors as well since they may be coming from a longer distance and will have to charge more. Make sure all of the canvassing you do is backed up well with letters of recommendation, referrals, licenses and insurance documents so that the managers you talk to know you’re a solid company in good standing.

Take Some Time To Investigate The Needs Of The Customers

In most all businesses there are needs that aren’t being satisfied and if you know what they are you can make that part of your sales pitch when you approach them. Take some time to visit some of your competitor’s customers to find out what needs aren’t being met or disappointments their customers have in order to hone in on their weaknesses. One huge problem in the nighttime cleaning industry is theft from the businesses that they’re cleaning. If the employees of your competitors are stealing, even if it’s only small items, then they’re most likely doing it at all the businesses they contract for.


You can possibly visit them all and bring up theft in a part of your presentation the emphasizes it and how you combat it and prevent it so that the manager of the company knows you care. That would be the same with any type of problem that the competition has, maybe they don’t clean bathrooms well, or don’t dust the plants, you never know until you take the time to investigate then visit the companies and tell them what you’d do differently.

If You’re Not The Best Salesperson, Hire One


Some business owners are great salesmen while others are better managers or engineers. Not everyone is a bookkeeper either and it’s nothing to be ashamed of, however, if you aren’t a professional in a certain field, hire it done. The same goes with your plan to grow your cleaning company. You can hire a salesman and have him go to every local business and leave flyers, business cards, estimates for cleaning their business, or even offer trial discounts to get more clients. Once you have them using you, then you have to perform well and make the sale, but at least you have your foot in the door of opportunity.

Expanding your cleaning business is something that takes work but if you’re dedicated and your company is doing a great job it shouldn’t be that hard. Make a plan, talk to your current customers, talk to your client’s neighbors, and hire a professional salesman to get your company to grow like you need it to.